Choose Happy Lollipops, Peach Flavor

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So fun and perfect for summer 2022! This will be a year-long collection to spread peace and love 365 days a year! You will receive a mix of fun designs, from retro prints to Choose Happy to smiley faces! Please expect a mix, not exact amounts per designs. Each lollipop will be labeled with ingredient & allergen information. Dimensions: 2 1/4 inches in diameter Flavor: Peach Size: 1.3 oz (36g). Branded Stick: 6" long, 5 /32" thick SHELF LIFE: WE DO NOT GIVE SET SHELF LIFE. AS LONG AS CANDIES ARE STORED/KEPT UNDER 35% *HUMIDITY* THEY MAY LAST UP TO ONE YEAR. HIGH HUMIDITY AREAS ARE RECOMMENDED TO USE A DEHUMIDIFIER TO REMOVE EXCESS HUMIDITY FROM CLOUDING CANDY.